The Uppingham PNEU School was founded in 1939 by Mrs P F Saunders in Lorne House, Uppingham with around 8 pupils, solely for the children of schoolmasters at Uppingham School. By 1967 the School had grown to 25 pupils and began operating on a non-profit making basis under a Trust Deed administered by parents of the pupils. The principles of the School were based on the philosophy of Charlotte Mason whose motto "I am, I can, I ought, I will" stood for the principles of an integrated education “education is an atmosphere” and who particularly encouraged appreciation of art, drama language, music and nature study.

In 1989 an appeal was launched to raise £200,000 to enable the School to move to Windmill House in Stockerston Road. The School then flourished for many years, providing primary education for children aged 3 to 11 years, at its height the School had almost 90 pupils and extensions were added to the building.

During 2008 it became apparent that rising costs, increasing bureaucracy together with a decline in numbers with the recession meant that the school was no longer viable. The difficult decision to close the school was taken at the end of the summer term 2009.

The Trust

Following the closure in 2009, the trustees worked with the Charity Commission to enable the remaining funds in the trust to be used for the educational benefit of children in the Uppingham area. Amendments were made to the Trust Deed and the ‘Windmill House Trust’ was formed, its aim to fund projects for primary school children promoting art, drama, languages, music and nature study.